As an empath, I am constantly putting myself in someone else’s shoes. But have I gone too far this time?


your eyes- they sparkle like my knife blade
your lips curl up to say that it's okay
your ears are peachy little roses
i'll pluck and put in my bouquet
your hands- i wish that they would touch me
i long to feel your sweet caress
when at last you wrap your arms around me
i'll whisper to you what i must confess:
i want to love you like dahmer did
your neck is long and so delicious
your shoulders don't shrug me away
please don't think that i am vicious
when i lean in close and finally start to say
your toes- i want to kiss them singly
they skip at night through every single dream
your kneecaps make me feel so tingly
i have to tell you with a scream, that:
i want to love you like dahmer did
i want to love you to pieces
i know it would be so much fun
to disassemble at the creases
and love your parts all one by one
when it's done and you're all over
and we're basking in the chilly afterglow
of the light from my refrigerator
i hope that you will finally know that
i want to love you like dahmer did