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New 2022 EP

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Nan Kemberling writes very compelling lyrics! Combine that with well crafted melodies and interesting song forms that borrow from the classical as well as the pop vernaculars and you have a recipe for a very cool listening experience. ”

— J. Michael Duff, Musical Director/Conductor/Composer/ASCAP

About Nan

Nan Kemberling is a freelance cellist in Atlanta whose work takes her anywhere from playing Broadway shows to opening for country star Brett Eldredge to collaborating with hip hop legend Jermaine Dupri for the Atlanta Falcons.

Because of this wide variety of daily influences, her music can't be confined to one genre. Ranging from Symphonic Metal to Bubblegum Pop to Dark Cabaret, her songs often touch on themes of love and death - often within one song.

photo: Isadora Pennington

photo: Isadora Pennington