1. Pretty Is

Pretty is as pretty does. Actions speak louder than words. Beauty is only skin deep. You get the idea.
This song features two incredible musicians: Molly O’Roark on harp and Marc Miller on double bass. These people are so beautiful inside and out - and can play the #$%@ out of their instruments!


Mirror mirror on the wall
who’s the fairest of them all?
I’m afraid it isn’t me
‘cause when i look in you i see
tiny wrinkles line my face
and my nose is out of place
but looking deeper than the skin
is there beauty found within?
pretty is as pretty does
back when i was just a child
pretty rude and pretty wild
momma said you gotta be
doesn’t matter what we see
time passed by and life went on
no boy would take me to the prom
momma told me not to cry
my merit’s not what meets the eye
she said:
pretty is as pretty does
you gotta dress to kill
you gotta look the part
but you can’t nip and tuck
to fix a hardened heart
pretty is as pretty does