What is love? Is it something that is written in the stars, something predetermined? Does each of us have a soulmate? The poet inside me wants to say yes, but the rationalist says no. Attraction is actually a chemical process in our brains.

When I read a particular scientific study about what love actually is, it felt like a let-down. But when I really thought about it, I realized that kind of chemistry is truly amazing.


Thinking this was chance
Takes out all the romance
Did you really want me for the placement of my eyes?
Symmetrical features
For all human creatures
Hips that can bear children on a hefty set of thighs
Chemical intensity
And dopamine reception
I can feel the chemistry
Of our natural selection
Did you sound the mating call
Come one come all
Gotta hold auditions for a certain phenotype
Perpetuating genes
Is that all that this means?
Is there something greater than our life creating life
Biological tendencies
Hardwired behaviors
Kill my sad dependency
On fate and love and saviors
When you are holding me
That vasopressin
Makes me so glad to be
Your natural selection
Infatuation, mystery
And norepinephrine
Our love will always be
Natural selection