1. Portrait

I wrote this song for and about my mom.
It has a nice tropical feel which is just perfect for summer! I pretend to be sipping a drink with an umbrella whilst reclining on a plastic chaise lounge by the pool when I listen to this one…


Faded photos, tiny tears
wrinkled edges, 80’s hair
here within these pages—-your life in sharp relief
every shade of happy against every shade of grief
the easy contrast of black and white
can’t do justice to your present light
march of time unceasing, you change with every frame
mask of anonymity and then a blaze of fame
your eyes are looking from the past
into your future, here at last
doling out the wisdom, lessons you have learned
trials and tribulations, a badge of honor earned
and like an artist with a brush
you fill with color lives you touch
mastered all disasters, matters of the heart
turning cheeks and corners turned into a work of art
and i hope to be like you
i wanna be like you