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My creative life is wonderful, but lonely. I need you in my sidecar, riding these crazy roads in my mind with me! Become a NanFan and you will be drawn into my world, and your monthly support will help me create more music and art that I will share with you.

Our adventure is just beginning. Thank you so much for supporting me!

Levels of Support

Nan Fan 


What you get:

  • access to exclusive content about my life and creative process in my members-only blog

Nan Fan with a Plan 


What you get:

  • access to members-only blog
  • exclusive PDFs of drawings, pages from lyric journals, and sheet music 

Nan Fan in a Van 


What you get:

  • all that stuff in the previous tier
  • early access to new songs and ideas

Ben Nan Fan 


What you get:

  • all the stuff in the previous tier
  • access to my online video chats where we can hang out and talk

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