1. You Never Know

This song is about death. It has the sound of 90's pop, but its catchy hook utilizes the first few notes of a medieval chant tune, Dies Irae, which was often used in classical music to signify impending doom. The lyrics deal with the effects of empathy and a subsequent obsession with mortality. Rhythmic cello, beacon-like guitar, and driving bass command you to live your life now. While you still can.

Nan Kemberling - Cellos, Vocals; LuAnna Evans - Background Vocals; Kerry Denton - Drums; Mark Hogan - Electric bass; David Tenenbaum - Guitar, Keyboard


I was looking out the window
and then all of a sudden a feather tornado
went by
in the sky
all the predator left was an empty nest

and I… had to reflect upon it
and I... could not just let it go

You never know when you’re gonna go

I was driving down the freeway
and I noticed a streak as a kitten got struck by a Hummer
it went flying
it was all I could do not to crash myself into the wall

and I… broke down and sobbed about it
and I.. could not just let it go

You never know when you’re gonna go

oh, life
you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone
better take that cruise
you better call your mom
oh because

You never know when you’re gonna go